In close proximity ( 15 km ) from Villa Carpatia is Łańcut enjoying a reputation nationwide team of palace and park .  Castle , the residence of the Lubomirski and Potocki , with a huge park and a carriage house , now a museum is undoubtedly the most interesting place of the city. It should be seen as  synagogue , market , distillery museum and the parish church . Every year in Lancut is famous Music Festival , held at the castle.


      Being at the Centre Villa Carpatia necessarily have to visit the nearby ( 16 km ) with a team Leżajsk church and monastery oo . Bernardine , which features the famous Leżajsk bodies through which hosts a Festival of Organ and Chamber Music , usually lasting from June to September.

Narrow-gauge track

      Just 24 km from Villa Carpatia , in Przeworsk your station has a narrow gauge railway . The route , which overcomes our line during the 2.5 hour journey to Dynów is considered to be the most beautiful and the only one is on its way tunnel of length 620 m can travel in ‘ open ‘ small cars .


      On the surface, nothing stands out city where the Society of Friends of Mark created the museum. In addition, there is a statue of the Ulma family . Driving time from Villa Carpatia is only 20 minutes .


      Another idea for an afternoon trip, a visit Krasiczyn . It is a village located 10 km from Przemysl , which is located in a beautiful castle – the former residence of Polish magnates .


      Nature lovers , a trip into the magical world of Bolestraszycki arboretum – a collection of several thousands of unique species of flora Polish . Annually visited by 100 000 people. Nearby is the Fort GW XIII ” San Rideau ” Moritz von Brunner project belongs to the outer ring of the Fortress fortress .


      Located on the San oldest city in the region and one of the oldest Polish cities . 70 km from Villa Carpatia . It is the seat of two metropolitan church of the Catholic Church : the Latin Rite and the Eastern . Here you can visit the castle , several palaces, monasteries , cathedrals, churches , synagogues and museums . It is noteworthy that the Przemyśl Fortress – powerful complex of defense , the third largest in Europe. It runs on the tourist trail. Think this may be the target of a day trip .


      Residing in the foothills of the Bieszczady not to mention Poland’s largest reservoir . The attraction is not just a tour of the 600 -meter crown of the dam , but also the opportunity to visit located in the hydroelectric power plant .


      Rzeszow is nearly 180 thousand inhabitants , the capital of Podkarpackie . In Rzeszów meet two geographic regions – Równinna , Sandomierz Basin woodland and beautifully shaped , hilly Carpathian Foothills . Rzeszow region one of the warmest in Poland , located in the mountainous climatic zone , characterized by long hot summers and very harsh winters . It boasts many historical monuments , of which the most interesting are: the fifteenth -century Town Hall, the fourteenth -century parish church , the sixteenth -century Castle of the Lubomirski , from the seventeenth century monastery . Bernardine monastery complex Piarist and the summer palace of the Lubomirski , the eighteenth – century church and monastery . Reformed , as well as buildings in the Market . A special attraction for tourists is located at the houses and the Market Square , the Underground Tourist Route , which consists of 369 m in length.

Bicycle paths

      The municipality Żołynia and neighboring municipalities , is almost ideal place to practice more and more popular cycling. It is very picturesque , with many attractions along the route, with varied topography , which makes the ride is not monotonous , does not require a special preparation and conditioning , however . View the cycling route .


      Other cities near Villa Carpatia and worth visiting is located on the San Siena with a team of palace and park , Leżachów with a huge palace on the hill , and the Falcons Malopolska with a beautiful , monumental parish church and one of the largest in this part of the country’s Jewish cemetery , Jewish cemetery . Thanks to a very good bus connections from Rzeszów , Łańcut and Leżajsk , visiting these cities is easy even for non-motorized travelers . What else can you see around Żołynia ? Sites is at least a few dozen . These include horse and a hunting Potocki in Julin , the northernmost natural stand Azali European Pontic ( Rhododendron Yellow ) constituting reserve in the Will Żarczyckiej , forests of larch avenue julińskie and legendary White Lake , nineteenth century granary in birch Stadnicka habitat of beaver dam built by these animals exposed to commemorate the chapel of Adam Potocki , boulder dedicated to Adam Zamoyski and the remains of park facilities (ponds , overgrown alleys ) in the hamlet Podkudłacz , reservoir and recreational and relaxation in the Royal birch , forest ponds with an island in Korniaktowie mansion in Białobrzegi , forestry Rakszawa ponds , the remains of the trenches of world War II and steam in Brzeźniku and tzw.Okrążku , more than 3 hectares of flood Rajszula in Żołynia Lower , reservoir Dam in Lower Żołynia of hydroelectric power , then one of the largest in the Archdiocese of Przemysl monumental neo-Gothic church . St. John Cantius , near the church of the parish cemetery founded in the eighteenth century with historic chapels with architecture inspired by the shrines in the Holy Land , the nineteenth century Jewish cemetery in Żołynia Center renovated around 1990 , the church in Smolarzynach built on the high bank of the valley Wisłok – along roads and sometimes jungle and forest , you will encounter shrines , some very old , with a legendary past, more recent , and all surrounded by awe locals and very well cared for ( one of the newest is the Chapel of St . Hubert , built by hunters with żołyńskiego Wheels hunting in 1996 . the 50th anniversary of the wheel ) . A short distance to see made ​​invisible hand directly on trees Stations of the Cross (for those activities, there deviate slightly from the main road to the street Białobrzeska where everyone already shows the way forward ) .

Departures arranged on request.