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Vegetable and fruit diet

Fruit and vegetable diet as a treatment, cleaning and restoring the balance of the body - diet vegetable and fruit (also known as post Daniel).

The macrobiotic diet

Macrobiotics is a diet based on compliance with the laws of Nature. Its main component is a whole-grain containing vegetables, legumes and fruits.

Gluten-free diet

Gluten-free diet excludes foods with foods containing gluten in its composition (vegetable protein) found in cereals replacing them with naturally gluten-free products.

Our diet
Oczyszczanie organizmu przy diecie odchudzającej

About us

Holidays in our center is not only slimming – this diet combined with the movement, which will make that soon get? Improving the health and well-being.

In our center you take advantage of the many attractions such as a salt grotto, sauna, massage and steam bath with aromatherapy. Support is provided by qualified personnel serving means.